Important Issues

Building on our excellent financial position, which I believe we can attain through systematic review of all revenue and expenditures. We must partner with similar communities to advance ideas in educational funding in Minnesota and to share best practices.

Promoting inclusivity and reducing achievement disparities which the board must address by setting the example in welcoming diversity of background and opinions. Having served in another community with three superintendents and twelve different board members, I have the experience and temperament of delivering while working with others.

Bringing forward innovative ideas.  I believe that bold leadership will be required to overcome the status quo. To improve we must change. One well-documented change that should be made is to establish a later start time for students particularly in high school.  By providing information about the advantages of the change, building the case for a pilot program, and following through if the prototype shows merit, we can make this change – and inspire other innovations.


Universal breakfast for elementary schools

Later start time to improve performance

Greater emphasis on career options

Reduce inequality by promoting unity

Safer sports facilities

Offer individualized learning plans and options for the 21st century student

Together, we can make a difference and set plans in motion to make progress towards important goals.